Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Running with the Pup

I am a fairly dedicated winter runner.  I pride myself on running through any conditions..ice storms..snow storms..-15 degree weather..etc..etc... Granted, this has so far resulted in a torn meniscus, a strained ligament, and a broken shoulder, but I'm still staying the course. Melo on the other hand is more of a fair weather dog, where fair for him is around 40 degrees and windy (you need to pretend you are a dog to understand this). The first time I ever attempted to run with Melo in sub zero temperatures, he  promptly turned around 5 minutes into the run and ran back to our porch to wait for me to come back.  He has grudgingly accepted that he's going to have to run with me in the cold and snow, but his tactic the past two years has been to just shut down completely when his feet get cold or hurt from the snow and salt.  In order to combat this phenomenon I discovered a wonderful product at an earthy organicy pet shop in Maryland called Pawz.


Yes, that's right, I actually bought booties for my dog.  This was his response:

He basically thought I had put a poisonous creature on his foot...and so I logically proceeded to put the booties on all of his feet.  You can tell that he's completely thrilled:

But once we got outside, the booties were wonderful!  Melo has used these booties to run through the storm shown below for the past 3 days!  Success! Every morning still starts with the exact same responses shown above, Melo is not very good with cause and effect, but I think that thanks to the booties 25 degrees and snowy may be his new preferred weather conditions.

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