Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caramel Apple Deliciousness

When I started this blog I promised that under no circumstances would I post a recipe or a picture of food..and of course 3 blog entries later I am going to do exactly this.  In an effort to prove to my family that thanksgiving day desert could be healthy and tasty I volunteered to make desert.  I had no idea this would require a lenghty internet search, a 45 dollar grocery bill, a trip to my moms house to borrow a mixer and a springform pan, and a 2 day baking procedure.  But in the end, all of this was worthwhile because what came out was AMAZING! I made low fat caramel swirl-apple cheesecake.  A good take on this recipe can be found here:

My dad who is incredibly hard to please swears that this is the best cheesecake he's ever had, which I find rather amazing since it's mostly composed of vanilla yogurt.  Heck yeah.  Here are some pictures through the 2 day procedure. 

Right after making:

After refrigerating and plating:
After cutting:

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